Leonardi's Carpentry Co.

Carpentry and Design

Leonardi's Carpentry Co. 

Served Central Massachusetts January 1989 To June 2016 

Peter Leonardi  



After nearly 27 years in business we have decided to move on. It's with mixed feelings that Leonardi's Carpentry Co. has come to an end. A sincere thank you to all our recent, and past clients, and thank you goes out to past employees, and sub contractors who worked with us in the past.

Also thank you to former associates like Fran Ford, Jerry Benham, Peter Berthiume, My father Joe Leonardi, Dick Zolla, Lee Buress, Malcolm Johnson, Larry Burke, Chris Leonardi, Frank McAliffe, Jack Dyer, John Dyer, Todd Rivers, Bob Decker, Paul Meninno, Bonnie Anderson, The managers of Mass Oxogen, Charley Corbett, Derek Marcetti, Pheonix Properties, Vic Gravano, Peter Norton, Guy Berthiume, Mark Leonardi, John Carroll, Kay Morrell, Richard Benham, Jim Harding, Rick Sontage, Dean Leonardi, Bob Landine, and I know I'm missing names from the early days. (Sorry about that) These people helped this business grow, and again Thank you. 

 This website has been modified for the sole purpose of thanking everyone, and will no longer exist by early to mid Aug.